Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


In v3.2.0, we've introduced
support for delivery suburbs.
What does this mean?
Instead of adding delivery methods, then separately going and adding your delivery suburbs... That's now one step. When you add a delivery method in WooCommerce settings, there's now a fourth rate type available:
FloristPress Suburbs List
. Treat it like a normal Flat Rate method, and while setting it up, add each suburb for that delivery rate on a separate line like so:
What's the downside?
Before you upgrade to v4.0.0, you will need to replicate
of your methods that use delivery suburbs in this manner – in v4, the original delivery suburbs feature will be completely and irrevocably deleted.
My site is managed by BAKKBONE, do I still need to do this?
No – if you have a current support plan, we'll be doing this for you in the coming days.
AAAAAAH! This is confusing/daunting!
We get it. Drop us a line at – premium support will be made available for free as it relates specifically to this change.